Transformation Tuesday- HEALTH!

changesLets talk real changes this Transformation Tuesday! Real Life Health Changes! In addition to my amazing weight loss & physical transformation my health has improved as well.

My husband and I just had physicals done which included blood work and I compared them to the ones I got done in June and was totally blown away! Look at this comparison, and lets break this all down.

*Also keep in mind I didn’t start my journey until August 1st!

BMI- Obviously, you want the number to be lower, I am 2 lbs away from being overweight, and being Normal Weight! I didn’t even think that could be possible!!

Glucose- I was borderline diabetic, and now my diabetes and blood sugar is totally under control!70-110 is normal, while it’s a little low, it’s totally fine considering I fasted for my test.

Cholesterol- While it’s gone up slightly, its stayed about the same. under 220 is ideal, so I’m great.

Triglycerides- This was high in June, and I’ve totally regulated it.

HDL- This was a little low before, now I’m in the normal range. HDL removes excess cholesterol from arteries.

LDL– Stayed about the same.

Cholesterol- HDL Ration- I was high in June, and now in normal range. The lower the score, the lower the risk of coronary heart disease.

I wanted to share my real life results, because while we usually measure ourselves by the number on the scale there are so many things that changing your diet and exercise can do for you! I am proof that you can get healthy in such a short time by making small changes daily. I workout 30 minutes a day, and eat a well balanced portion control diet. (Which I do cheat on and indulge probably more than I should) Not bad for a 4 month transformation!

Ps. The photo on the left was in June, and the right from October, CRAZY!! There is about a 16 lbs weight difference!

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