5 Things to do with your Kids OUTSIDE this fall!

fallIt’s fall time, which always puts me in a great mood, I want to get outside, pull on the boots and leggings and enjoy the brisk weather & build memories!

I put together this list of 5 Things to do with your Kids OUTSIDE this fall, so you can have a chance to build memories with your kids & have a lot of fun doing them.

  1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch!– Totally different experience than just your highway stop pumpkin lot. Most pumpkin patches offer games, prizes, and fun. It’s a great way to experience the whole pumpkin/farm feel.
  2. Decorate Pumpkins- This doesn’t have to be outside, but it’s super fun when you gather outside, sit int eh grass and decorate pumpkins. You don’t have to carve them, buy some paint and decorate them that way. (incase you have little fingers) If you have older kids, make it a contest and fun!
  3. Go through a Corn Maze- Probably much more fun at night, but still something truly unique to fall and a lot of fun. Google where there might be some in your area.
  4. Collect Leaves on a Nature Walk- Know an area with trees that leaves are falling, take the kids on a nice walk and have them collect their favorite leaves, you can press them in a book or keepsake album to remember your leaves later on. There are also some fun crafts on Pintrest with leaves too!
  5. Go Backyard Camping– Now might be the perfect weather to snuggle up infront of a fire in your own backyard. Talk about your plans, the fall activities and makes scores as a family. An inexpensive way to get some quality time, and yet you won’t be dying of heat like in the summer, or too cold form winter.

Building memories with my kids is very important to me, but I also like to encourage them to get outside, and enjoy what nature has to offer. Be creative, build memories, and make sure to snap some photos when you can!


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