Eating Clean Tip : Planning!

Clean Eating PlanningPreparing for your Week is so Important!!
Planning out your weekly meals will not just save you Time, and Money but it will also keep you focused on what you should be eating, less time trying to “figure out dinner” and resorting to something bad.
I totally recommend meal prep, it’s something my husband and I do EVERY week. It takes 2-4 hours (depending on what we’re making) and then we heat up our meals in 1 min or less when it’s time to eat. No more wondering what to eat, or cooking during the week. We’re so busy, this is a lifesaver for us.
If you don’t want to meal prep (I realize there are people who just won’t) then at least write out your meals, plan for the upcoming week, and figure out what you’re going to eat, and stick to it. Buy all the ingredients on Sunday night so you have everything ready before that day rolls around.
I promise you’ll save money, and be prepared to eat well all week! No more last minute oops.
Pro tip- Plan around things you already have on hand, then you’re just “completing meals” instead of buying everything from scratch.

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