Want to be a Health & Fitness Coach?

Asset_440Guess what? My awesome team of amazing Health & Fitness coaches is MASSIVELY growing! Like SO MUCH! I’m so blown away. WOW!!

I became a health & fitness coach after my amazing transformation 53+lbs, I found that the key to stay consistent was having a coach to motivate me, hold me accountable, and make sure I hit my goals. Wanting to pay it forward, I decided to become a coach.

I work full-time so I really don’t have the bandwidth to really coach more than 5-10 people per month, so I decided to grow a team of other ladies with the same goal in mind so we can touch more and more people. Which became the Sparkle Squad! Now with over 50 Coaches we are so strong and one of the fastest growing teams.

I’m now opening up my mentorship to add a few more coaches to my team for next month. You’ll be given FULL Training, you literally don’t need any special certificate or credentials, just a passion to help others, and I can teach you the rest.

If you’re in the US, or Canada and 18+years old, please email me to apply: SarahDBattiste@gmail.com

Also- If you live in the UK, message me with the subject “I’m in UK” I’m starting to expand my team in the UK starting Fall 2017, get on my list so that when we are fully launched you can join my team!!


About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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