How Helping Working Moms GET FIT Changed my Life & Business!

July 2016, I was super excited to celebrate my 30th birthday but as I reflected on where I was in life, I was proud of what I had accomplished with my career, and my new 8-month-old daughter, but I couldn’t help but feel depressed about being so overweight.  My health and fitness took a back seat while I was busy balancing my career with being a new mom. I started to get discouraged after trying yet another fad diet and workout program after workout program and the inability to commit due to my schedule and help watching my daughter. I was trying to balance everything with my husband’s schedule but due to his crazy commute, it just wasn’t working.

I finally stumbled upon an opportunity to get fit from home with customizable programs, and easy nutrition plans and gifted it to myself for my birthday, after-all I had nothing to lose at this point, and was pretty much willing to try anything.  I committed to my new program, which ended up being a lifestyle change, and ended up losing over 30lbs in less than 4 months. (Working out and eating well-No magic pill/wrap) I documented my process on social media as well and I instantly grew a following of other busy moms that were looking for answers on how to get fit with a busy schedule. (I’m now down 53lbs)

When I saw this amazing community that needed help, I decided that I wanted to pay it back, and help other moms connect with programs that fit into their lifestyle and goals. Now in my free-time, I’m able to connect, and help hundreds of moms each month get back to their happy places. The programs focus on not just physical transformations, but the emotional, and self-confidence work that tends to be lingering when you don’t feel great about yourself. It’s been so rewarding and I have met some amazing people along the process and learned so much about health & fitness.

  This process and opportunity has totally transformed my life and business as well. I start my days earlier, work more efficient, and am totally more productive. I’m happier, more engaged and I just feel amazing about life. I’m more structured with my day, and focused so I’m getting my work done in half the time it took me before, and I’m not running on empty and tired anymore so I’m maximizing my time each day. I also have started reading more books and doing research to help me learn more ways to help my clients and become a better leader to my team and peers. Plus my sales and NET New clients have BOTH increased due to my re-focus and excitement! 

Who would have thought that so much could change by just taking care of my health & fitness and sharing my journey to help others?

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About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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