Healthy Mac & Cheese for my Toddler

sophias-mac-cheeseSo as you may know, each week I do Meal Prep for my husband and I. This week I started implementing it on a smaller scale for my daughter for 2 reasons

  1. To Save Money
  2. To Eat Healthier

The past few months, she’s been eating a Gerber Graduates Mac & Cheese. She enjoys it but if you read the ingredients you can tell it’s not the best for your little one.

Also 1 pack is almost $2*!!

So for a total of $3.50 I made an entire week’s worth of Mac & Cheese with Turkey Meat for her Lunch and Dinner!! Yes, it’s boring to eat the same thing, but at this point she doesn’t really know what she’s eating, and she loves Mac & Cheese. We may so a different meal a couple nights this week to switch it up.

But now, she’s eating a healthier version of Mac & Cheese, and it’s saving me about $10.50!**

*Note- I used only 1/2 the package of ground turkey. The Mac & Cheese was $0.99

**Note- For those who want the Math-Sophia would eat 1/2 a Gerber Graduates pack per meal so $14 for the week, mine $3.50 = $10.50 🙂


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