October Bootcamp!

october-bootcampAre you Interested in Losing weight in October? Well guess what you can!

If you want to lose between 5-15lbs in October, you should totally join my challenge group!

I’ll be working with up to 10 people, like yourself that want to kick start their fitness journey!

In this group you’ll receive the following tools:

  1. Your Meal Plan/Grocery List (custom)
  2. Portion control containers
  3. Your Workout for the program (custom)
  4. Your access to ON Demand Workouts
  5. Daily Shake (30 day Supply- Not meal replacement, gets you all you vitamins & super foods)
  6. Your Shaker Cup
  7. Access to our Support Group
  8. 1 on 1 Coaching from Me! (Daily/Weekly Options)

If you want to join in for the October Group, shoot me an email SarahDBattiste@gmail.com and I can get you all the registration info!