Throwback Thursday-2011

166657_10100451794482083_2240460_nThis was the day I left him!

This was moving day, after wasting 5 years, gaining 60lbs, losing myself, my confidence & self esteem, putting him through school and being cheated on multiple times…I finally had enough. 

January 2011, I made the decision to start my life over, because I FINALLY realized that I DESERVED better! I was scared as hell!! My family was 3K miles away in Florida and this jerk had me all the way in California. I moved into a small room of a larger house w/ a roommate with my dog ChiChi and gave up all his “new money” and everything I owned for the most part. I had a few hundred dollars in my name, but a plan to make a better life.

It was hard to admit that I failed…I was married at 20 and everyone told me I was “too young”, I didn’t want to prove them right! I had hid the abuse, the infidelities, the problems from everyone because I was protecting that jerk from judgement. But I had finally reached the end of what I could take, and was willing to FALL flat on my face, then endure and waste more of my time being un-happy!

This picture I took, with good angles (to hid my gut-I am good at selfies 🙂 ) with a smile on my face, hope in my eyes and an open heart, that my life could and would get better THAT day!

And…it REALLY did! I could have never Imagined the life I have now. The LOVE I have, the HAPPINESS I have, the CONFIDENCE I have again. It took that first scary step to change my life forever! #TBT


About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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