Staying fit while on VACATION!

img_6108So lets face it, it is totally easy to fall off of your workout & nutrition programs while on vacation, I mean come on…who the hell wants to work out on vacation!

But you really should! Look I know some hotels have amazing gyms, but sometimes you stay with family or places without a gym, so then what? Well Boy do I have the solution!

What if you could have a state of the art gym in the palm of your hand and/or laptop? Well you can! For just $99 a year you can have EVERY Beachbody program streamed to any mobile device, Apple TV, FireTV Stick or Roku. That is my secret weapon! (It has over $6k with of workout programs)

Look you can spare 30 minutes on your vacation and then you won’t feel guilty after, workout so you can have fun and not feel guilty!

img_6089Now let’s Talk Nutrition!!

Who eats like CRAP on vacation?? Meeeee! So what is my secret?

I start my day, even on vacation with Shakeology, I’ve written tons of articles about the many health benefits. It’s my most delicious and healthiest meal of the day, so to me, it’s worth starting my day with somethings so good for me! Then I can indulge a few times the rest of the day. 🙂 Balance right?

(Even on my fun family South Carolina trip this weekend, I’m drinking my shakes!)

While Shakeology is about $130 for a 30 day supply…there is a SPECIAL promotion through Feb 28th, you can get Shakeology (1 month) + the Annual Beach Body Streaming membership for only $199!! GO HERE!! (You will have over $6K + $30) Talk about the deal of a lifetime! When I heard about this, I immediately jumped over, and most of my family has as well! (But act fast because it literally will no be available after Feb 28th!)


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