What I’m Eating this Week (Jan-Week 2)

img_5543Want to know more about what I’m eating this week for my bootcamp? Here is a photo of my daily food. I eat all of this everyday! Yes to some I understand it might be boring to eat the same thing everyday…but for my husband and I we decided to meal prep each weekend for a full week and switch up our meal weekly. (SO I won’t be eating all this next week)

I actually don’t mind eating the same thing everyday, one of the things I tell myself is (like a bad relationship) I have completely “broken up” with food. I love food, I love flavors, I love chocolate, I love food too much, but when I’m focused on my program I have to follow my plan and I “break up” with my food. I’m eating to fuel my body, not to indulge.

After the first 30 days, I build in cheat meals to be able to indulge on a smaller basis.

Anyways…back to the food.

Breakfast: My Vegan Chocolate Milkshake- I’m having this again this week because I really love the boost of energy I get to start my day & I also love a quick breakfast because I sleep in as late as possible so then I’m rushing!

Snack 1: 2 Hard-boiled Eggs & Celery

Lunch: My favorite part!! Caprese Sandwich & Veggie Soup (Soup has a little ground turkey in it too!)

Snack 2: Peanuts! 🙂

Dinner: Steak/Pork and Zucchini/Asparagus (I alternate between the 2)

This week, I started using Flavor God spices, I have never used them before but so far I’m enjoying them. I tried the Sweet & Tangy on our Pork, the Everything on the Steak and the Garlic lover on the Zucchini. I’ll write a full review once I test them on more things. 🙂

So Cheers to Week 2 of the January Bootcamp, if you’re not included, make sure to jump in for February!!



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