Day 1: January Bootcamp!

img_5197Great job Everyone!! Can you believe we got thru Day 1?? I tell you what it was pretty tough!

I had officially taken off about 1-1/2 months from my every day fitness routine. I had days I would do well on fitness and others I did well on my nutrition but rarely kept them both in check since Thanksgiving. Like everyone else, I was indulging and getting lazy with the cold weather. (AND BACK GAINED 10 lbs!!)

So starting today, me and a group of some awesome people started our 30 day program where we focus on both our fitness and nutrition. And while today was tough, I remember when I first started, the first week was terrible, then it got better, easier, and fun. So today was the first day on my way back to some fitness fun! I’m so excited!!

I’ll be sharing more of what I’m eating this week later, I’ve been taking photos all day, so stay tuned!! 🙂

I hope everyone that wants to participate this month is, those of you who missed out let me know we can sync you in for next month. Its Free when you get your challenge pack or membership to my fitness programs. Ping me for details!


About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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