Weekend Prep-January Bootcamp!

week-0-day-4-2Okay Ladies!! Monday is our day! We officially start the January Bootcamp! Who is freaking excited??

Time to Prep!!

Okay, but now you should have gotten your Challenge Packs in the mail with everything you need, if you haven’t already set up time to chat with me about your goals, PLEASE DO! I have reached out to everyone individually to set up their goals.

ALSO- Make sure to log into our FREE APP! Most everyone has done this already, get familiar with it, we will be working out of it to log all our stuff! (Workouts, Progress, etc) Don’t worry it’s private only our group sees what you post, AND some things only YOU see. (Message me for help if you want it!)

Okay, this weekend enjoy it! Eat something you LOVE! Something you know you won’t be eating over the next 30 days! Indulge it!! Remember it!! (I’ll be eating a yummy Philly Cheesesteak!)

Make sure to review your meal plan, purchase your food, and meal prep if you can (as much of your food as you can). I’ll be sharing mine this weekend when we do it as well! (Call/Text/Email with any questions you have)

Remember, I’m in this with you, I’m going to be struggling with you, having fun with you, we are in this together!! We will work together both 1 on 1 and with the group, lets meet some awesome new friends, get some accountability and most importantly have FUN!

We are going to really CRUSH goals in January and I have some awesome prizes for everyone!! Including Cold Hard Cash for EVERYONE that LOGS their stuff daily!

~Coach Sarah

About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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