1 Year Membership Comparison!

15732053_735629373255683_7587470098439180455_oJust a little comparison to share. I’m just gonna leave this right here and share that I won’t be paying a monthly fee, a personal trainer, fighting for equipment, wasting my time traveling. I’ll be in my home gym.

Which is temporarily my home office (while ours is being built).  I will be doing any program I want, various programs, following a meal plan that’s included in the program AND I will have enough programs (and then some) to get me through the entire year !! Nothing against gyms at all, to each their own, they just do not work for me with a 1 year old, 2 teens, full-time job, husband, house and al the other things I have to deal with.

If I told you you could have access to ALL the programs Beachbody has released & all future programs Beachbody is releasing in 2017 would you be up for it⁉️?

What if I told you that it’s CHEAPER than paying for a gym membership for an entire year!

Would you do it??🤔

***FYI- This price comes with Shakeology ($140 value), you can get JUST the Workouts for ONLY $99/year***

I’m sharing this so you don’t have to spend $150 on a program four times a year. You pay once, and get it all! That’s EVERY program ever created at YOUR fingertips for the entire year of 2017!

That’s literally enough programs to get you through the ENTIRE YEAR!! I mean how awesome is that?! WE can plan an entire year of progressive programs and you will never get bored!

And of course, you’ll have me as your cheerleader/support system/butt-kicker/coach to guide you through it all!

AND- Access to my exclusive Monthly 1 on 1 training!

WHO WANTS THE DETAILS?!?!?!?! This is ONLY available for a limited time. Probably because Beachbody realized they were basically giving it away😜!!

Email me for details: SarahDBattiste@gmail.com or message me HERE

***FYI- This price comes with Shakeology ($140 value), you can get JUST the Workouts for ONLY $99/year***

About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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