Find Your WHY(s)

whyTo be successful in life, and with goals, you have to identify your why! Why are you even trying to accomplish this goal? Why is this important? Why would you continue pushing no matter what obstacles get in your way? (There can be multiple Why’s as well)

It’s important to sit down and think about your “Why” and then continue to remind yourself of your “Why” everyday, and most importantly when you’re about to give up or are struggling.

Keep in mind, you might think the reason you’re doing something is because of 1 reason but deep down when you think about it, you decide that it’s really something else.

When you want to identify your “Why” here are a few key things to think about…

  1. What is the immediate benefit to accomplishing this goal?
  2. What is the LONG term benefit?
  3. What does it impact most and least?
  4. Are there any external people, things, or events that could prevent you from accomplishing your goal?

Again- keep in mind you “Why” can change!

Example My “WHY” for why I want to workout and get into the best shape of my life, originally started because I was unhappy with the way that I looked, frustrated that I could never find things I wanted to wear, I was slightly depressed, and I was about to turn 30. (A lot of reasons right?)

If I didn’t have my “WHYs” then one day would turn into two days, into two months and so on…and I’d be right back to where I was when I started…WAY far from my goals. 

When I don’t want to workout one day, or I let my fitness go, I remind myself that if I don’t workout I won’t be as focused that day and ultimately successful, I probably won’t feel sexy and I’m not going to make healthy decisions that day. Now I have laid the foundation so that 1 day in the grand scheme of things isn’t going to hurt all those things, BUT if I continue to neglect my goals and remind myself of my “WHY” daily then I will let myself down and ultimately my “WHY’s.”

Depending on your goal, NOT reminding yourself of why your doing something EVERYDAY could have a bigger impact, so I think it’s important to think about your “WHY” every morning, and help your “WHY” motivate you watch day to make the choices that will get you closer to your goal.

Another Example- Imagine your saving money for a family vacation, you really want to take your family to Disney and you know it’s going to cost you $6k to do so. EVERYDAY you should remind yourself that you want to save money for your trip, so when you have that Starbucks urge, you instead make coffee at home, or make “less expensive” choices every chance you get. But you’re also REMINDING yourself daily why your doing it, so you can REMEMBER the reward for you sacrifice. Then when things come up that you really want to do, and your’e thinking about splurging, you will remember your “WHY” and why you really want to take your family on that trip.

So if you have a few BIG Goals for 2017, or life in general, I encourage you to think about your WHYs, and what will keep you motivated to accomplish your goal! Good luck!!


About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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