2017 Goals Set!

img_4719As always, I recommend you starting everything with a Plan! (Mean Plan, Goal Plan, Meeting Plan, etc…Have a plan!)

I reflected earlier about 2016 and all the success that I had both personally and with my family on my Instagram page.

But for 2017, I have a few REALLY BIG GOALS and I’m categorizing them into the different areas of my life. 

Fitness Goals

  • Lose 12lbs or Flattened Tummy (I’m 2 lbs from my goal weight, but I’m adding an extra 10lbs! Hoping to get to 140lbs OR once I start lifting weights and gaining muscle, if I get a more flattened tummy I’ll be happy!)
  • Be able to do 50 Push Ups! (These are extremely tough for me, I want to learn how to do them correctly and be able to do 50 in a row without stopping)
  • Get Through 5 different programs (With my ALL ACCESS PASS, I’ll be able to try tons of new programs, I want to get through 5 different ones from start to finish and post results!)
  • Grow my Instagram Followers to 10K, Facebook to 5K, and daily readership on my blog to 500!
  • Help AT LEAST 50 Women HIT and CRUSH their fitness goals. (If you want this to be you Message me!)

Personal Goals

  • Gain 5 New & Reliable Mommy Friends (with kids for Sophia)- I tend to be a hermit, as I work from home, and only speak to clients, etc, so I need to get out and make new local friends!
  • Get my hair Healthy Again
  • Go to the Dentist and start a plan!
  • Read 12 New Books (or listen on Audible)
  • Go on 1 ACTUAL Family Vacation
  • Get Sophia in her own Bed!(Bedtime)
  • Completely Debt Free + Additional Savings!

What are some of your goals for 2017, next week, I’m going to start laying down the ground work so that I can plan out how I’m going to accomplish all of these things! With a road-map I’ll have no excuse not to crush these goals in 2017!


About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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