Getting OVER the Holidays!

snowman-talk-looks-like-you-put-on-a-little-weight-over-the-holidaysLet’s face it, you probably ate some pretty un-healthy items for Christmas this year, maybe some holiday sweets or candy too? Not just Sunday but over the entire weekend…maybe into Monday?

It’s totally normal and totally fine, but lets get you on track for a successful end of year push. With only 4 more days left in 2016, it’s time to prepare you bodies for 2017 and the new life and health decisions your going to make.

The rest of this week, think about what you’re going to eat, if you need to write it down. A helpful app I use from time to time is MyFitnessPal, it’s free and you can usually find info on all the items you eat, or scan packages. Keep track of the calories, sugars, carbs, fat, etc in the foods that you go to. Start thinking about how you feel about these items too. AND how you feel after you eat them…

  1. Are you sleeping good?
  2. Crashing hard?
  3. Getting tired?
  4. Feeling bloated or full?

All of these observations will help you when formulating your 2017 meal plan and goals.

My plan for January is to COMPLETELY quit sugars! Only the natural ones included in the meals that are in my meal plan (primarily fruit). I have OVER indulged in sugars, candy, chocolate since Thanksgiving and I am committing to a healthier January. I’m laying the foundation for my year!

Do you want to quit sugar with me? Want to join my boot camp? Message me, let’s chat about your goals and formulate something for January together!



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