Constipated? Irregular?

shakeology-2This can be totally embarrassing and probably not something you talk about regularly with anyone, but let me share something…I have always had an issue being “regular” and using the restroom. I was diagnosed with GERDS when I was in my twenties, and had an ulcer under 25. My digestion system was really out of whack!

I often went 3-4 days without a bowel movement, and was totally jealous of my hubby and his ability to go everyday.

For the longest, I just figured that was regular. I even had a doctor tell me that it could be my regular.

Unfortunately, I passed this on to my daughter too, so as I was investigating this issue for her, I discovered a few things for myself as well. We both tried everything, Culturelle, MiraLAX, Laxatives in General, Flax Seeds, Prunes, and other things. Nothing worked, nothing was consistent and I still couldn’t go each day.

Until I found Shakeology! It’s funny, I started Shakeology because it was included in my Challenge pack when I ordered it to start my fitness journey. I had heard about it but was skeptical, the price was high, and I hate diet shakes, and I just figured it was one of those nasty SlimFast-ish items…wrong!

I instantly fell in love with Shakeology and credit it to being my weight loss secret weapon. But, one of the side-effects of drinking it was the way it regulates your bowel movements. I can literally set my watch by my bathroom breaks now! (What a cool side-effect!)

  • I go to the bathroom at least 1-2 times per day
  • I feel lighter, less bloat and excess heavy in my abs/stomach
  • I get all my healthy ingredients in a Chocolate Shake which is FREAKING delicious
  • Did I mention it’s delicious? (The way I make it tastes like Brownie Batter)
  • I can totally feel the difference when I miss my daily shake.

I will mention, when I started Shakeology, the first week was tough, I felt like I was getting headaches, and initially it felt weird when I drank it light a little tightening in my chest area, but that was just my body getting used to it and all the healthy items, after week 1, I feel amazing and like normal when I have my shake. I usually choose to have mine as a snack, or if I have a HUGE lunch, then for dinner. (It can be a meal replacement or snack)

So I ask you, would you rather have a powder you have to mix into a drink, or a delicious Shake?

If you want to learn more about Shakeology, the health benefits, or how to get a FREE 30 Day Supply, message me I’ll hook you up!!


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