Transformation Tuesday!


So the photo on the left was taken at the beginning of my journey, I had already lost about 30 lbs on my own, but I was still nowhere I wanted to be. Struggling with loose skin and stretch marks after my daughter only enhanced my need to do something about my weight and appearance overall! While I wouldn’t say I was depressed, I certainly wasn’t happy and spent the week before (my 30th birthday) fumbling through clothes trying to figure out what to wear that would hide my weight and stomach specifically.

The photo on the right was taken Saturday, when I woke up, after 3 weeks of not working out, eating cookies (I baked last week) and drinking soda here and there. I am down 24lbs since the picture on the left (54lbs total) and went down 3 dress sizes, and from a Large to Medium Shirt (way more exciting). Not to mention my stretch marks are fading and almost disappearing and my skin has tightened up so much! Through my journey, I have met some amazing women, gained confidence, energy and self love. I totally love myself and my body. I take better care of it now that I have ever in the past. But guess what? I am human and I do indulge. I don’t want to live a carb-less, sugar-less, soda-less life, but I will be mindful of what and when I put things into my body.

I will never go back to the person on the left. It wasn’t just about the outer appearance, but the way I felt about myself that made me miserable. I knew I deserved a better mindset and appearance but I was struggling on where to start. The group support from my clients and community was key to my success. I finally found a workout program that worked for me, and even tried new things to get past the plateau I was at for 4 weeks. The only regret I have is not doing it sooner.

I’m really proud of my accomplishments, I have battled my weight for the last 10 years, but I am happy, and proud to say those days are behind me. I’m living my healthiest, and happiest life now! This is my Transformation!

If you’re struggling, and need some help, guidance or accountability; or maybe you just don’t even know where to start, message me lets talk, I may be able to help you like I helped myself. It doesn’t hurt to try and you have nothing to lose but your excuses, extra weight and doubt!   EMAIL ME:


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