Flashback Friday: May 2010

1919067_10100221600861943_4511150_nThe picture on the right is from May 2010, it almost seems like a different lifetime at this point, but in this photo I was 23 years old, in a bad relationship and struggling with body issues and severe depression. This was probably my favorite photo at the time, and I was super proud of taking this photo at an airport on my 1st vacation in many years.

I was overweight and very depressed about it, not to mention I was married to someone (not my husband Patrick) that was very un-supportive and constantly complained about my weight and put me down for it. I felt that if I wore my hair black and long (extensions) that my face would slim up and I’d look thinner…well it kind of worked but not really. I was that girl that tried on 300 outfits to go somewhere and didn’t like ANY and cried and just picked out the best BAD outfit. I showed my boobs off to distract from my belly. I knew I wanted to look different but I never knew where to start.

I wish I could go back and tell this Sarah that “There are better days ahead of you, you will get the guts to start over and leave that horrible relationship and finally find yourself. You will actually meet you soulmate, build a better and stronger foundation, and start enjoying life. Hang in there girl!

I’m so proud of the woman that I became, and it certainly didn’t happen over night, not even in 2-3 years, it took several! Yes, I met my husband Patrick 18 months later, and my happily ever after began but I still struggled for years with my weight, body image, mental health & trying to find my happiness….it is a process. I look back on the photos I have left of this timeframe and I’m just so happy that its behind me and I can live the life I have now!


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Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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