Progress NOT Perfection

15419537_784492268355184_3072327328642419671_oAs you Start or even Continue your Fitness Journey remember that you aren’t going to be perfect, you just want to keep going.

My very first 3 months of my program I was very diligent on sticking to my program both my workouts and my diet, but then the holidays happened…and I enjoyed Thanksgiving, my daughter’s first birthday, and just all the leftover yummies!

But guess what? I didn’t actually gain any weight! I even missed about 2 weeks of workouts…why? Because I had already put in the ground work, and I kept pushing myself. If I had a bad lunch, I’d aim for a healthy dinner, if I had a bad whole day, I’d try to at least get a walk in…I have a healthy mentality now and I WANT to do better for myself.

But guess what? I’m human, and I LOVE FOOD! I also get lazy and have days where I’m just not going to workout….but I’ve gotten so close to my goals I can now afford to goof off every now and again.

That being said, I was at a plateau for about a month and the scale wasn’t moving. I kept seeing 154lbs over and over, and I honestly wasn’t doing much to change it. But last week, I committed myself again that I would in-fact get on track. I still only worked out a few times, but I’ve been following my meal plan for the most part. (Still having a scoop of ice cream every-other day) And guess what? I woke up today and say 152.8lbs! I was so excited!! (I have now lost a total of 57.2lbs!)

Progress is motivating!! Because I saw that number I had to workout today! I had to follow my plan and it totally motivated me to keep going. I’m literally 2.9lbs form my goal, and once I get there I plan to keep going.

I’m also super excited for January, I have an amazing Bootcamp planned that I know will help me and my clients CRUSH their goals and start 2017 off right! If you want info on it just email me

Keep Pushing!

About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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