Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart!

start-each-day-gold-gratitude-quote-shopifyThis is actually such an important quote…it’s not biblical, it’s not controversial, it is just what it says it is.

You see we all have so many things that we’re grateful for, things that we have, have done, accomplished, plan to do that really warm our heart and makes us smile.

In a life full of so many things…problems, bills, challenges, joys, etc…it’s super important to start your day being grateful for the things in your life. You see this mindset is so powerful! 

You’re starting your day, not asking for something, not trying to figure something out, but actually wanting to be appreciative and grateful for the good. It really just sets the tone for not only a productive day, a happy and joyful one too.

You ever have something amazing happen to you and then have a smile on your face all day? Then the rest of your day is easier, better or at the very least, not half bad? Same concept! You’re starting your day on a good foot, and you are going into it with optimism and happiness.

So give it a try this week…start each day with a grateful heart, think of 3 NEW things each day this week your thankful/grateful for…see how this mindset affects your week. 

About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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