I Cheated Bad…But lost 1.5lbs


Wanna know something totally interesting? I cheated bad! Actually…I cheat almost every weekend…but it doesn’t even matter!

You see, I have a specific Nutrition & Fitness plan and my goal is to follow both EVERYDAY! But guess what? I’m a normal human, with kids, a husband, and a busy life…so I cheat! Almost every weekend I have 1-2 cheat meals, and with halloween…lets just say I had a lot of chocolate. But the crazy face is…I actually lost weight!

I got on the scale this morning after a weekend full of 5 Cheat Meals & a LOT of candy & NO EXERCISE...and I was fully prepared for that number to be higher..but it wasn’t I lost 1.5lbs this weekend!

How?? I built the ground work so that I can cheat. I got my body so trained that I can afford to cheat every now and then with little to no reactions. Trust me…it doesn’t take years to get this way either. After your first 30 days on my program you can build in cheat meals (not days) to your life, and not feel guilty about it! It’s normal to have sweets, carbs, candy, etc in life…you just have to be strategic and know what you can and can’t have and mostly how much.

The reason my clients are so successful is because the plan sI build incorporate cheating…its normal, its life, it’s going to happen. We need to stop feeling guilty and just plan to be successful…and get strategic.

If you want to learn more about my program or talk to me about your goals, email me SarahDBattiste@gmail.com! 

About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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