hello-novemberWelcome to November everyone! Can you believe that we are almost done with 2016?

Now that we officially have about 9 more weeks left of 2016 its important to reflect, prepare, and plan! Think about how you want to go out of 2016, or better yet, how you want to welcome 2017!

For November, I am totally focused on my nutrition, fitness, and self love! I am re-committing to my OWN plan for November!

I’m super excited too because I have an awesome set of girls that are going to re-commit with me! We’re all in a private group on my free app and motivating each other EVERYDAY to make sure we don’t fall off in November!

October was tough, I’m not going to lie, I started off on it! But then I started to slack towards the end of the month, the rainy and dark mornings totally threw me off and the cold made me want to snuggle up and take a nap! (Which I happily did) While I didn’t gain weight, I just didn’t feel like I tried my hardest! So that is why I’m committing to November!

My plan is to follow my own program, workout for 30 minutes a day, stick to my fool proof meal plan, and CHEAT on Thanksgiving! Yes, I want to eat, grub down, and get stuffed that 1 day this month! It’s going to be hard, to stick with it and only cheat that 1 day but I can and will do it. (I even have a business trip with Sophia and we’re still going to follow the plan!)

So if you follow me on Instagram/Facebook, get ready because I’m going to be posting it all! And if you want to join me and my group of ladies, message me and I can send you the details! I’ll be sure to send to you the updates and progress of my group as we re-commit to our goals to end 2016 with a BANG!


About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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