Hey! Welcome to Sarah Battiste Fitness! Super glad you found my site!

A little about me, I work with Women who have busy lives/schedules find their fitness and get their sexy back in a practical real life way. I struggled with my weight most of my adult life, and after I had my daughter really struggled with finding time to even start, let alone the time to workout or energy to cook a “clean meal” every night. When I discovered some of these easy and affordable program I realized that I could actually get fit, healthy & happy! Now I want to share it with EVERYONE, my only regret is NOT starting Sooner!!
My program are designed to focus on 3 mail areas
  1. Nutrition– Focusing on how much you eat as opposed to what you eat. No more counting calories, carbs, macro/micro…easy colors! I provide portion containers so you can just fill the containers and if it fits, you eat it. You can eat things like chocolate and have a class of wine. PLUS- I accommodate for cheat meals, and nights out, because in reality we all do that…life isn’t about limiting things.
  2. Fitness- Going to the gym can be hard with a little one, and finding time to work out with a trainer is tough too, that is why I do virtual boot camps. I provide your workout and make sure you do it daily on your own schedule. I still work with you but it provides the flexibility to fit it in which might not be the same time daily. My workouts are 30 minutes from home daily. Finding just 30 minutes without having to go anywhere is WAY more practical. I have additional Add Ons if you want to incorporate other workouts outside of home too.
  3. Self Love– A huge part of feeling great is feeling better about yourself. My programs also devote time to making sure you take care of you! Spending a few minutes a day focusing on your happiness really brings out the best in you! Put a smile on your face, make you feel great, these things are crucial to any transformation journey and really keep you motivated to continue and love yourself.

I work with you both 1 on 1 and offer a Private Support Group where you can interact with other folks in my program and offer support, motivation & encouragement. Plus FREE prizes and giveaways!

Check out the results of my clients… AMAZING!!

To Find out more information or have an initial discussion on how we might be able to work together fill out my contact form HERE.


About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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