Ultimate Transformation BluePrint!


So you’ve made the conscious decision to Ultimately Transform Your life, Congrats! But where do you start exactly? There are really 3 elements that you need to change or work on in order to have an Ultimate Transformation. MindSet, Nutrition & Fitness (this order is important too!)

Here is the thing, if you survey probably 100 people, 70%+ will always say they want to lose weight, feel/look better. But what they aren’t saying is what was behind their weight-loss goals? Were they always heavy, did they gain weight? Why? Whatever the reasoning behind all this, there are still those 3 elements you need to plan/adjust in order to have an ultimate transformation.

MindSet- You might see me post about Personal Development that I’m doing that is making me a better person, or encouraging me…but do you know why I do it int he first place? It’s because I need it for my transformation!! Speaking for myself, when I started my weight-loss journey, I was very self conscious, I had low self-esteem, my attitude and happiness was a little low, and I didn’t have the best life/family/work balance. All of these things were crucial to my success on this journey, so I had to address them before I got started. I work on my personal development EVERYDAY! It’s a crucial for my success, happiness and balance.

Nutrition- You make abs in the kitchen not in the gym-they say. The truth is- some people eat like crap and gain weight, and others don’t. Some people can eat everything they want and never gain weight or maybe even gain muscle and the rest of us can’t. We have to watch what we eat, we have to eat smaller portions, but no matter how restricted you make our diet, we will cheat when we want to. 🙂 The fact is, you have to figure out what speaks to your body, what you need to fuel it, and you also have to enjoy life which means not starving, depriving, or omitting. Your nutrition plan must be personal, and crucial again to any kind of transformation.

Fitness- Again, some people can never work out and never gain 1 lbs, and others of us gain weight just by sitting gone the couch for 5 minutes. (just kidding) So those of us that have to work out, really should. Something as small as 30 minutes a day is all you need, and it needs to be fun. If you have to do it, why make it work, wouldn’t you be more apt to trying something or doing it daily if it was fun? So find a workout that works with your schedule, and is something you can stick to…and in some cases change it up to get better results and not get bored.


The reason I have so much success with my clients, is because I focus on all 3 of these things in my programs. When I work with someone 1 on 1, I get to know why they do what they do, how they got there, and how I can support them in their Ultimate Transformation. You might not need help in all of these 3 areas, but you really should have a plan or routine maintenance for each. If you are struggling with any of the following or want to learn more about my transformations, reach out to me HERE

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Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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