Book Review: Eat that Frog!

51erbjga9hl-_sx321_bo1204203200_So I finished my latest book, Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy today. It came recommended to me by a bunch of people regarding ways to get more things done and be more successful. Personal development is an intricate part of my fitness and personal journey so I am always looking for new books, and videos, etc to really inspire, motivate & encourage me to success!

I have to say it certainly was really great. I went into it thinking well, if the concept of “Eating that Frog” is to Get your Most important tasks done first thing, what on earth could there be 21 chapters about? Well…there is a lot more than just that concept.

I don’t want to really ruin it for anyone else, because I really do think that you should read this, but there are so many techniques to use to really prioritize your day and really get to the point where you are working during work hours, more effectively and you are enjoying life when you’re not working

5 reasons to read this book:

  1. If you’re a Procrastinator- this is a sure way to learn how to stop putting things off!
  2. If you work late every day to get your regular job tasks done.
  3. If you are spending no/little time with your family
  4. If you want to double your income and get more things done during your day
  5. If you really just want to develop better business skills.

A must read for sure, not just people in business but anyone that really needs help getting more things done in the same time or less than you’re doing them now!

Check it out…you will enjoy it.

Ps. If you get it on audible, like I did, the tone takes a little getting used to, get through the first 3 chapters and you’ll be fine, it picks up and gets more engaging.



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