Stuck In a Rut?

img_1225Are you stuck in a Rut? Feeling Blah? Low/No Energy?

Dont worry we’ve all been there multiple times, it is tough sometimes to find the energy, the time, the motivation to do things we want or need in life to be happy…but I’m here to tell you what works for me!

Reset YOURSELF first! You can’t do much for others if you’re not 100% you! You can half ass…but who wants that? You have to focus o making you whole again and at your best…how?

3 Major things!

  1. Working out- If I don’t get my workout in, I have a variety of emotions. (disappointment, heavy/fat, no energy, etc) But when I start my day off with a workout…man I get energy, I feel good, and I just am pumped to get my day going. Plus, have you ever did a workout and thought “Damn that was a waste of time!” NO!! You always feel better and good after you workout, just getup and do it!
  2. Nutrition– You hear of the phrase, “you are what you eat?” Super true! When you over indulge in bad things, you feel heavy, regretful, and not your greatest. However, when you eat good you feel good. You power your body with things that are good and naturally you feel better! I’m not saying eat salads every day! But you know how to eat right!
  3. Personal Development– Something new for me! I never read as an adult, no need to. Plus never really made time to research, watch youtube, or do things to better the inner me. But once I did, man!! Find a good motivational book, inspirational story, or powerful documentary!! If those don’t inspire you, nothing will! lol sorry! But seriously when I started to read more books about inspirational women, entrepreneur guidance, and motivational books…mind blown! (I recommend books every now and again on here!)

These 3 things motivate me daily! I start my day working out, I focus on my nutrition 80% (yes I indulge 20% bc I’m normal and LOVE food) and I listen to positive things on the regular, books on tape, videos, youtube, etc. Things that make me focus, and things that drive me forward in life.

What do you do that motivates you?? What de-motivates you??


About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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