Transformation Tuesday: Me!


This is absolutely amazing. The photo on the left was during family pictures on 4th of July weekend, it took me forever to find an outfit, and decide how to do my hair. I was so self conscious, and only 8 months since I gave birth, and was no where near where I wanted to me. I was lacking so much confidence which you can totally tell from my smile and I just was so uncomfortable.

The right is from yesterday, October 17th! Down 20lbs from the photo on the left, way more confident in my skin, and happier! While it’s not a smiling photo, I am actually so confident in my skin, I take pics everyday and don’t have to “photoshop” them!

The secret to my success is so EASY! And I feel dumb to not have found it sooner, but thankful i found it at all. I workout 30 minutes a day, eat well, and do a lot of personal development and motivational things. I found coaching as a way to share my success with others, I work with other busy moms and women to find programs and build them into their lifestyle. We all have 30 minutes a day but who you spend them is crucial. You can’t just do ANY 30 minute workout and get success, you have to strategically do you workouts for optimal success. (Even now, 3mo+ in, I have to change my routines for results)

If you’re like I was, and really just looking for some help, reach out to me! I want to help other women gain their confidence and get their Sexy Back! You can and deserve to be the best you possible, and I want to help you get there! CONTACT ME 

About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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