5 Tips to kick start Your Fitness Journey

id-100457539Lets face it most everyone wants to improve their health & fitness, but a lot of times its hard to figure out where to start? And how to make it easier. Here are 5 tips that I think will really help you Kick Start your Fitness Journey.

  1. Pick a REALISTIC Workout Plan- Probably the most important component, after all you can’t have a journey without a plan. Think about you routine, your daily schedule,what you like/hate and what is realistic to fit into your life? Is that 30 minutes at home, 1 hour at the gym, 2 hours at the track what can you commit to??
  2. Put together a REALISTIC Meal Plan– They say your build abs in the kitchen, and 80%+ of your weight-loss/gain success will come from what you’re butting in your body, and how you’re fueling it. Again, what is REALISTIC, is cutting pasta and carbs hard? Can you go Vegan? What does your life look like? Do you have kids? A Husband? All of these factors should be considered when formulating your plan.
  3. Plan Your Week in Advance- Literally put on your calendar, phone, or however you manage your day when you will workout and how long. Schedule your workout like its an important meeting, again at a realistic time! I like to workout first thing in the morning, but some people like to do it after work, what fits into your day?
  4. Put together your WHY and write it out somewhere!– Why are you working out? Why are you going on this journey? What do you want to accomplish? Write out your goal and tape it somewhere you will see it everyday! This way when you aren’t feeling motivated, you can read it and remember why you need to suck it up and do it!
  5. Get an Accountability Partner/Community– One of my keys to success is to have accountability. I’ve built a community of people that I work with to stay motivated. The reason I add in my group support for my boot camps is so ALL of my challengers have other people that they can feel accountable by, get motivation from, or just interact with them daily. When you know someone is watching you or depending on you it MAKES you want to succeed. Find that person/community that can keep you uplifted and motivated!

BONUS Tip: Take Pictures often! Before pictures and progress pictures will keep you motivated. When you can see change you will always want to continue. I literally take a picture if not every day, every other day, and seeing the change before I could feel it MADE me keep pushing!

**If you need any help with the move, please message me, I’d love to help!**


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Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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