Chronic Migraines!-How I cured Mine!

Let me first start by saying, I’m not a doctor but I’ve been to MANY over the last decade and a half about my migraines.

You see, I’ve had migraines since I was in middle school, we’re talking 10/11 years old. NOT headaches, full on migraines. As longs I can remember, I would get bounding “headaches” that would completely take over my day, the only cure was “headache pills”, Soda (Sometimes McDonald’s fries) & sleep. In that order! Almost every day after school I’d come home do this routine and go to bed, waking up 4-5 hours later totally fine. If I didn’t follow this cadence, I’d be worse off, vomiting & have horrible sensitivity to light.

My “headache pills”started as 2 Aspirin, then in my teen graduated to 3, or 2 Excedrin Migraine pills. Then later as an adult, 3 Excedrin’s. I tried to see doctors, was prescribed pills to prevent Migraines, pills to cure them, Botox (which I never did after my insurance approved), everything. I ended up with dizzy spells, hallucinations and STILL got them. I also encountered Ulcers and Colitis in my early 20s which was supposedly attributed to all of my “aspirin” abuse.

Then a few years back was the dreaded Excedrin event, when they were removed off the shelf. (Keep in mind for over 10 years this was my go to) I guess there was a mix up at the bottling facility and there was cross contamination of pills, so they were off the shelf for what seemed like a couple years. I knew I had to find another way!

It’s going to seem pretty obvious what I did to cure my Migraines, but keep in mind I did this on my own. I had countless doctors try to “help” try to find the cause, everything with no success…until I found my answer!

Diet & Exercise. I had become so addicted to caffeine, there was caffeine in the soda I had to drink to cure my headaches and caffeine in the Excedrin too! I was overloaded on Caffeine. As you already know form my story I wasn’t working on my fitness and didn’t workout. (Now when I was in Middle/High School I was in athletics but my diet was still poor) I literally had at least 1 soda a day for almost 20 years!

I found that when I to my food in control, my nutrition more on point, less salt, no fast food, and NO soda..I started to feel better, less heavy and better! Now initially when I was de-toxing from soda (yes you can de-tox form caffeine) my headaches were worse for the 2-3 day after, but they went away. I also found if I worked out at least 30 minutes in a day (including just walking) again I wasn’t having migraines.

Can you believe all these years, the answer to my happiness was this simple?? SO CRAZY!

Now- believe it or not, if I eat poorly 2 days in a row and DONT exercise I start to get migraines too! I found that out the hard way this weekend!

So my prescription….workout everyday, or at least every other day, and eat healthy/clean everyday with minimal but some Cheat MEALS, not DAYs.

Have you had a similar experience with your Migraines?

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Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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