Shakeology 101

shakeologySo if you follow me on Social Media, you probably know that my husband and I drink Shakeology EVERYDAY! My 9 month old even enjoys a sip when I let her!

But why do I drink it and what is all the fuss about?

I wanted to break down what Shakeology is, and why I drink it daily for you!

So here we go.

There are 4 Actual Benefits to Drinking Shakeology:

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Reduces Cravings & Keeps You full
  3. Provides Energy
  4. Supports Digestion & Makes You Regular!

img_5497I get asked all the time is Shakeology a Meal Replacement like SlimFAST?

No, but it can be…So on a daily basis I drink Shakeology as my snack between Breakfast and Lunch and AFTER my Workout. I drink it right after I work out to fuel my muscles and keep my workout energy alive! I also find myself more hungry around this time so it helps “tied” me over until Lunch. There are days though that I might have a cheat meal for lunch, and I do use Shakeology as a meal replacement for Dinner. I try not to eat anything heavy at Dinner and Shakeology is just that for me, and will keep me full until Breakfast the next day. I also thin of it as a desert, especially the Chocolate because if you pair it with 1/2 a banana and almond milk it tastes like Brownie batter!!

Shakeology is Probably the healthiest meal you will have all day! 

If you read the nutrition info, the back label you will totally see what I mean! It is PACKED with Super-foods, and all those healthy things I have no intention of eating. So when I have my Shakeology I know I’m fueling my body with healthy things that are going to keep me going, energized in a healthy way…totally better than an energy drink.

*If you want to read more about the nutrition I can send you some collateral*

There are so many AWESOME Flavors!

  1. Caffe Latte- For those of you that LOVE the taste of Coffee
  2. Chocolate/Chocolate Vegan- Both Delicious with just 1/2 a banana! (DESERT!)
  3. Strawberry-Delicious My daily go-to!
  4. Vanilla- The healthiest one, tons of Pinterest recipes
  5. Tropical Strawberry Vegan- Another great strawberry option
  6. Greenberry- Think of the Green Juicing type drinks

Did you Know there is a 30 Day Guarantee?

The folks behind Shakeology are so confident if you give it a try that you’re going to love it, that they stand behind their product completely! They will let you try it for 30 days and if you don’t fall in love with it, you can get your money back! So Why haven’t you tried it???

Give it a try, like I said you have nothing to lose! ORDER HERE!

*Special, if you order Shakeology, you are eligible to get a Workout Program, Meal Plan, 1 on 1 Coaching + Group Support & a bunch of other cool gifts for just $10 more, ask me how! HERE



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