Motivation When You Have NONE!

motivationLook, it’s un-realistic to think you’re going to be motivated Everyday! Seriously?? It’s Impossible! But most days you likely have a lot to accomplish and a lot you don’t get to push off to another day.

With that being said, you have to have some of your own tools to cope with lack of Motivation, and lack of Drive on those days. Here are some of the things I do.

  1. Wake up and Take a Shower!
  2. Get a Morning Workout Done
  3. Get Dressed Up Like You’re Going to Church or on a Date
  4. Eat a filling, and flavorful breakfast
  5. Switch up your Routine to do something more fun!

Here is the thing, there are just somedays where you should just relax, take a break, move slow, and go back to bed. Sometimes your body just needs it. But there are other days that you can try just changing up your routine.

This morning, I was super un-motivated. I didn’t want to do anything! I procrastinated and delayed my daily workout, when I launched it, I did about 10 minutes and decided I had enough. But I knew that I would feel bad for not getting 30 minutes of exercise completed! (Working out is actually very important to my mood and productivity) So I actually took a walk/jog around my neighborhood at lunch time. 30 minutes, light exercise, something I don’t normally do, but I got my 30 minutes in, and I felt so much better. I just changed it up…

Sometimes just taking a shower, or getting all dressed up makes me feel good, makes me motivated to do better, do more, and accomplish it all. Sometimes fueling my body with awesome flavors inspire me, changing up my routine when I feel like crud is key! But usually, on a daily basis, getting my workout in early to start my day really motivates me to be productive!

What motivates you??


Ps. The photo is my 9 month old daughter, cute huh?



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