the-champagne-dietA HUGE part of my transformation of myself has been Personal Development! I’m the kind of person that thrives on good quotes, great lyrics and a good book. Don’t get me wrong I don’t LOVE to read, I have to actually REALLY want to READ to get a book complete.

I’m in the middle of like 6 books!

Friday, I decided to download one of the books I wanted to read on Audible. “Girl Code,” by Cara Alwill Leyba. I had heard a few people mention that it was a great book for Women in business, and CEO/Entrepreneur type chicks!

So I started it Friday, and finished it Monday. I actually listened to most of it on Sunday night during my meal prep, but I just couldn’t stop. Something about the book just captivated me!

Let me just say, this book was TOTALLY life Changing! I don’t say that to say that I’m a different person, but my perspective of things, of life, of business, of women in general has totally changed. I don’t want to give away everything from this book because I think you should totally get it yourself! However here are a few MAJOR takeaways that I got from the book.

  1. Girls Compete, Women Uplift (Major LOVE this Quote! So True!!)
  2. YOU have something Unique about you that people will want to tap into, mimicking others or “copy cat”-ing other successful people will never work! Be Authentic!
  3. Women NEED Women friends, and you can actually learn a lot by surrounding yourself with like minded women, not having Women friends shows a lack of confidence.
  4. Imperfect Moments are when we Grow the MOST
  5. Embrace your Journey and Look for the Lesson

There are some majorly awesome one liners in the book and the women she interviewed were truly inspiring. Some of them I heard of, and some I didn’t.

Totally recommend this book! If you want to check it out… GO HERE!

Also, Highly recommend following Cara on Instagram, she posts some of her awesome quotes and beautiful pictures. She also has an amazing blog called The Champagne Diet.

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