Creating Goals

goalsAre you Struggling to find TIME in your day to get things done? Are you HOPING to be in a different place in your life next year? Have you GIVEN UP on some of your dreams?

Then You need to Start Creating Goals!

Everyone has goals! Wake Up on Time, Make Money, Become a Mom, Buy a House, Pay off a Debt, Lose Weight…but are you really Creating Your Goals?

In order for you to Accomplish your Goals, you have to know what they are! You have to plan, you have to strategize, sometimes you have to wait, sometimes you can propel fast to your goals. But it all started with Establishing your Goals.

When my husband and I were dating, we put together our Relationship Goals, and our Personal Goals. We put them in lists, and shared them with each other on a date night, and you know what?? It got us talking, It got us thinking, planning, strategizing on how we could both hit our relationship goals, and how we could help each other hit our personal Goals.

Fast forward, we’ve been married 3 years now. We have completed almost everything on that initial list from when we were dating! (Married, baby, House, Savings, etc) So on our 3 Year anniversary, we created a NEW list of goals! A new list of goals to accomplish together!

I also have Personal Goals and Goals around my Career. I keep both Goals lists on my desk so look at everyday. Because when I get discourages, I want to remember my Goals, and why I need to work harder, smarter, longer, to reach them.

So how can YOU create your goals? Simple. Follow these Easy Steps:

  1. Start thinking about what you want to accomplish in life, what you want to do, where you want to go, what you want to see, what you want people to think of you…
  2. Then Make a list of the things that you want for your life
  3. Start thinking about a timeline, how soon or far do you want to accomplish these things. (Make sure you’re being realistic, you probably can’t be a millionaire overnight, or lose 100lbs in 1 month)
  4. Now think of the steps that you have to do to hit your goals. What is the path to get there, and what can you do NOW to get closer to those goals.
  5. Share Them With SOMEONE! Have an accountability Partner, a Cheerleader, someone that you can share your journey, path, and achievements with!
  6. Place your List of Goals Where you Can See them Every day!
  7. Tell Yourself You WILL Accomplish these Goals!

Each day look at your goals, and again think what you can do TODAY to get you closer to them. Who you can talk to…Who you can learn from…Who can help guide you… What you need to change about your day…What you can add into your day…

Once you start believing in your Goals, and in yourself, and start thinking of everything you have to do to accomplish your goals, YOU WILL HIT Your goals!

Give it a try!! And if you need an accountability parter, or someone to share in your success. I am here to help! Shoot me an email


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Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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