Mommy Time can be HARD to Find!

img_5760So my favorite title is Mommy! I absolutely love being a mom! It is my favorite thing on earth! I thought being a wife was cool, well being a mom is way cooler. 🙂 (Don’t tell my hubby!

Anyways, I was always someone who hated being alone, I had siblings but was raised most of my life as an only child and was super lonely. I dealt with it and made friends, got into sport and tried to stay busy, but even through College and my adult years I hated being left along, shopping alone, sleeping alone…all of it!

Until I became a mom.

Once my daughter Sophia was born she was literally attached to my hip. She breastfed until she was about 8 months old and I finally gave up when she bit me! We don’t have much family nearby, and so other than our nanny, we really have no other care for her. We actually just went on our first date night when she was 8 months old, and second when she was 9 months old. (Yes it’s crazy…we do have another coming up!)

Anyways, finding time for myself is super hard, I try to find times to go to the store, get my nails done, or even just go for a walk alone, but it is super hard to balance it all. I’m super thankful for our Nanny without her, I wouldn’t get to shower alone (which literally just started a couple months ago).

The mommy time I do find revolves around my work schedule, and I use it now for working out. I told myself that I had to find time to work out even if it was only 30 minutes in my day. I had to figure it out, and make it happen. So I did. I now workout everyday(thanks to my amazing program I gat get everything I need out of 30 minutes)! And on the weekend, my husband and I trade off so we can both get our workouts in! (He is also working out daily, and on an amazing program-in my bootcamp!)

The point of me telling you all this is…I work, I am married, have kids, a dog, a house, a side business…and I still devote 30 minutes out of my day to working out for me. Because when I workout, I’m a better Mother, Wife, Friend, & Business Woman. I’ve noticed days that I don’t get my workout in before starting my day, are longer, I feel tired, less productive, and grumpy! I start my day so happy, so energetic, so ready when I start with a workout! And so although Mommy time seems absolutely impossible (and it did for so long), I had to make time for it!

Trust me those 30 minutes are buried somewhere in your schedule! You just have to find it!


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Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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