Confession: Sweet Tooth! (+Cure)

reeses-peanut-butter-cups-social-media-agileSo I have a total confession… I am totally addicted to sweets! I loved sweets probably all my life, but when I was pregnant with my daughter I went crazy! I was eating every kind of Reese’s Peanut Butter food possible. The Cookies, Cups, Cereal, Everything!! It was a bit Crazy!

Then I had Gestational Diabetes! So that ended my sweet tooth fun! I had to stick to a very specific, bland, and healthy diet. Yuck!

Once my daughter was born, I was back to sweets, I literally ate sweets every day because I went 6 months without ANY sweets! So I indulged!! A LOT! I developed such a sweet tooth! I finally convinced myself that if I had 1 small piece of chocolate before dinner then I’d be okay. But 1 turned into 5, which turned into 10.

Everyone said, try eating fruit, try the healthy ice cream, yeah…none of that tastes good! It wasn’t what I needed.

And then I found Shakeology!

Trust me I thought it was a scam…I figured it would taste like crap, diet-y, wasn’t really good for you…so I did some research & tried it for myself!!

img_5497OMG- it is freaking amazing. I drink Shakeology daily now. Even if I can’t get in a workout, I will drink it! If I have a heavy lunch, I might drink it for Dinner. If I get all my meals in, I’ll drink it as one of my snacks. But I drink it daily.

There are so many amazing recipes, the way I enjoy my Shakeology depends on my moods.

If I want a nice Milkshake after my workout? Strawberry Flavor, almond milk, and 1/2 a banana. Delicious. Tastes like a Strawberry/Banana Milkshake. (For real-no diet flavor)

img_5763If I want Chocolate or have a Sweet Tooth, Chocolate Flavor, a few strawberries, 1/2 a banana. OMG It literally tastest like Brownie batter!! Amazing and totally cures my sweet tooth!!

My husband and kids are all addicted to it now too! Plus if you look at what is in it, it’s super healthy! Literally my healthiest meal of the day!

I’m telling you, It’s amazing…and now I can’t imagine not drinking it daily!

Want to give it a TRY? Risk Free? Money Back Guarantee! CLICK HERE


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