September Goals-

September is always a funny month for my family, we have like 6+ birthdays this month! Which really makes things complicated with Cakes, and Sweets, and Dinners out!

So far, I’ve navigated 2 birthdays (Son & Hubby), a vacation to Florida (Which included a football game with tailgating AND 2 days of traveling with a 9 month  old), and late football games (my son plays High School Football). Which all of this makes working out AND watching my nutrition extremely hard!! But guess what, despite my nutrition, I have worked out everyday! Which has proven to be all I needed, since I’m still losing.

I indulged in cake, cookies, BBQ, Beer, Football game food (Corndogs & hotdogs), McDonalds and so much more…but I always made sure to not go over the top, and to get my daily workouts in!

My Goals for September are:

  1. Workout Daily +
  2. Make Good Nutrition Decisions & Drink my Shakes Daily (Shakes give me all my good nutrition incase I eat not so great)
  3. Continue to motivate my clients and teams in our groups
  4. Put together 1 free class for October
  5. Develop a new Bootcamp for October
  6. Find 2 Women to Mentor into Coaching Positions
  7. 1 Date Night With Hubby
  8. Help at least 3 New Clients in September begin their fitness Journey
  9. Put together a Fitness Bet for October
  10. Finish my book (Miracle Morning)

I hope I get to accomplish these, but it’s not going to be easy, I work full-time, I run my fitness business, I have 4 kids + a dog, a hubby & a house to take care of! But I will push myself daily to get these things done!!

What do you have planned for September??


About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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