Only 2 Days Left of August!!

holiday-table-grove-154677023Hey everyone with August coming to an end, the Summer is officially over!! So now is stealth mode time to develop your body for next Summer!! Don’t think just because these very FOOD centered holiday’s are coming up it’s time to take the gas off your goals. If anything this should be motivation to pick it up!!

Halloween & all that Candy is just 2 months away!! I already know I plan to eat GOOD for Thanksgiving, and when I say GOOD, I mean, I’m eating everything!! Pies, Cakes, Yams, Turkey, Gravy, Mac & Cheese, ALL OF IT! Plus Christmas is going to be big too, as it’s our first Christmas in our New House! So you better believe I have to kick my fitness in gear just in preparation for Thanksgiving & Christmas!

Remember that we have 4 months left of 2016, and that is still more than enough time to get into 2017 with healthy habits. If you need help or just want to talk to someone about your goals, shoot me an email: Always happy to help!!

I’ll be posting my September Goals on Thursday, (September 1st) and preparing for the September Camps!! (There are still a few slots available for each if you still are looking to jump in!)

Best Wishes Everyone!!



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