Personal Trainers DONT work for me!

General view of Personal Trainers 7/7/2013

Trinity College Sports Centre, Trinity College, Dublin, 10/7/2013 General view of Personal Trainers Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/James Crombie

So I have hired a Personal Trainer before, a few times, and a few different circumstances.

My first time hiring a personal trainer, in 2010, I was quite a bit overweight and I had just joined 24Hour Fitness. They give you 1 personal training session and then you have the option to buy more. So I bought the 3 pack so I could test it out, see how it works for me and if long term this would be a way to keep on my workout program.

It started off well, well my free one was great. Then I started to ask more questions about nutrition, and longer term workouts. I was given a print out and the “typical list” of food I should eat and food I shouldn’t eat. It in no way accounted for my tastebuds, my fitness activity nor was it practical with my lifestyle. As far as the workouts, I again was given a few of the regular workouts, asked to do them, didn’t really push me to try harder, and he was on his phone I think the majority of our sessions…Money down the drain.

I tried on my own a few different points to workout from 2011-2014 some of which were successful, some programs at home were nice, some cycling classes were good, but I just couldn’t find anything that worked for me.

Flash forward to 2016, I had my daughter the end of 2015, so naturally afterwards I wanted to lose the baby weight. I had gained a total of 29lbs with her and I was already overweight prior. I was breastfeeding so initially I lost all my baby weight in 2 weeks. But it left me with a lot of extra skin, and still not where I wanted to be. So again I figured physical trainer was the way to go.

I knew a personal trainer that had their own “business” and could work with me remote. Well I paid the money, I think $300 for a 3 month Online program. It consisted of workouts being sent to me by email, and I can’t remember if there was a nutrition part, I want to say there wasn’t. It was a list of workouts to do for Month 1, then Month 2, then Month 3. And that was all I heard from this personal trainer that was supposed to help me lose my weight. What I felt I was missing was accountability and support. I gave up after 2 weeks and just didn’t care anymore.

I decided that Personal Trainers just don’t work for me. I need someone that is going to HELP me achieve my goals, someone that is INVESTED in my outcome, and holds me ACCOUNTABLE to hitting my goals and staying on track.

This is why I became a fitness coach, when I found fitness coaching it gave me all of these things, and I decided I wanted to do this for other people. I want to get to know my clients, what makes them tick, what they like about working out, where they need more help, when they can follow a nutrition program, and how we can build a program around all of these things. Because there are a lot of programs out there, in order for you to stick with one you have to build one perfect for you. (And don’t get me wrong sometimes you have to test a few) I understand that your child needs your undivided attention and your time is so limited that you have to get things done in the least amount of time as possible. I get that you have to work 40+ hours a week then come home to do family time. These are the things that Personal Training lacked for me. I was just a person on the schedule, the outcome of my journey had no weight.


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