5 Completely Different Reasons to become a Fitness Coach

IMG_4816So there are a few different reasons you might consider becoming a Fitness Coach on my team, so I wanted to give you 5 completely different reasons you would want to become a Fitness Coach and see if any of these might be your motivation?

Ps. You could fall into multiple categories…just FYI

You Love Helping & Motivating Others

Some people are just born to motivate other people and take so much pride in doing so. These types of people make amazing coaches. You like Inspirational quotes, and self help books and watching people hit their goals. You genuinely want to help people lose weight and feel great. You are motivated by other people’s success & progress!

You Need Accountability to Lose Weight Yourself

So this was my reason by the way… But you want to lose weight, and you have the motivation but you keep starting and stopping and you really need some accountability. If you become a coach and you’re trying to attract customers, you have to use the products. So you have to get fit. By being not he journey yourself you’re pretty much just sharing your story, not really selling. You share your progress and get motivated by others like’ing your stuff so you keep going, and being fit is a by-product of this business venture.

You want the Shakeology Discount

If you’ve tried Shakeology, or you’re interested in losing weight, getting more energy, becoming more regular then Shakology is your drink. You want to continue to get Shakology but that $130 a month price is just so steep. So if you become a coach, which we call a “discount coach” you use your Beach Body discount to get your shakes at a cheaper price. You will end up paying about $32 less/month.

You want to be in business for yourself

If you’re totally tired of working for other people, want to work from home, or maybe you’re already a stay at home mom and you want your own thing, then a fitness coach is the way to go. With low overhead of just $15 a month, why not? There are minimal start up costs and some get waived depending on how you get set up. You can create your own Fitness & Nutrition business in minutes, and I have 3 weekly training programs to invite you to that help you get set up fast, and correctly. You’ll have all the resources you could possibly need to be successful. There are people on my team in the millionaires club! Yes top earner is making over $3 million/year. WOW!

You want side income

You don’t mind working but would love to sell some fitness programs on the side for some extra income. You aren’t quite looking at doing this full-time, or maybe just for now. Again totally cheap start up and you can start earning money the day you sign up.  Maybe you just want extra spending money, or you still want to be home with your kids and just have a side income, it’s super easy to get started and a side income could grow into full-time…

Whatever your reasoning is, being a coach is so rewarding, regardless of your initial motivation you will impact and help so many people with this opportunity. And you will earn some great cash, and can turn this into a business of your own. With minimal investment and my amazing training you literally have everything you need to get out the gate armed for success.

Want more information about becoming a Coach? Shoot me an email: SarahDBattiste@Gmail.com


About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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