Happy Monday!! New Week New Goals

14102522_721234758014269_2592507897268047164_nHey everyone! Happy Monday!!

Now that we’re starting a NEW WEEK we can set NEW GOALS!

So what are you planning to do this week? Are you trying to limit your coffee intake, smoke less, workout more, cut chocolate? Instead of waiting for New Years, look at each week as a clean slate and try to change 1 thing each week. If you do small changes throughout the year it makes it less drastic and easier to manage!!

This week, I’m going to continue to workout all 7 days! Follow my nutrition plan, and have 1 cheat meal on Thursday (my anniversary) since I haven’t cheated all month!! I’m also going to try to put together 2 videos for you guys around some exciting nutrition topics, AND continue to fill our Bootcamp group for next month.

1 thing I always tell my clients is NEVER miss a MONDAY workout! Monday sets the tone for the week, and why not start the week feeling great??

Ps. If you aren’t registered for Bootcamp for September you’re really missing out, I mean FREE money for working out come on!!

Have a great week Everyone!!



About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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