Why I Became a Fitness Coach…

I think it’s important to tell my story, the story around me8WHY I became a fitness coach in the first place. So here is my story….

I’ve battled weight for most of my 20s, up until then I was pretty athletic, and I wasn’t skinny but what you call maybe Thickfit. I had a booty, curves, and a somewhat flat stomach but wasn’t skinny by any means…athletic. It worked for me and I was happy with myself, amazing self esteem and all.
The beginning of my 20’s I was in a dead end relationship, full of betrayal and lies and abuse, in this relationship is when my health and fitness took a back seat and the weight packed on the my self esteem went low. I really hated the way I looked, and it made me very sad, and I just kept packing on the pounds and learning ways to mask my weight, although I wasn’t really masking it. I wore larger shirts, maternity shirts, and leggings all the time.

Once that relationship finally ended around 25, I started to get back into fitness, my self esteem got better, and my confidence was on point. I was finally being the real Sarah again. I met my husband, and then started to slowly gain that “relationship weight” be both did. Before we got married, we did workout a little but not very consistent. I got on and off diets for the next 3-4 years.

Flash forward to 28, my husband and I were starting to try to have a baby, that was my focus and working out was not! Then once I finally got pregnant, I was so scared of losing my baby that I didn’t workout. I gained 20lbs very fast, then got diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and forced on a diet for the remainder of my pregnancy. I lost weight then gained slowly and in the end gained about 29lbs with my daughter. IMG_5750

Immediately following her birth, at 29 I lost all my weight within the first 2-3 weeks.But this led to a lot of extra skin, I lost the weight too fast, mostly from breastfeeding. My daughter and work became my focus, so I really couldn’t workout. I reached out to a trainer for help, and they didn’t help me lose the weight, and didn’t really give me what I needed.

At around 6 months old, I started going to Orange Theory Fitness and it was working but the main thing was the hours didn’t work well for me to get out of the house and have someone watch my daughter, so I just didn’t go after the first month. It is super hard to workout with a baby! Almost, Impossible!! So for me, I had to find a way to workout that works with my lifestyle and watching my daughter. I knew I needed to do something, but I wasn’t sure what, I began to follow people on instagram for inspiration, and then I found my coach. She was working out and making money doing it, something clicked for me…

0120I knew in order for me to stay consistent with my workouts, I needed accountability, I needed someone watching me, depending on me, and motivating me to do it EVERYDAY. So I did it, I signed up got my program and began my fitness journey. I started on a portion control, and extremely hard workout…and it began to work. I saw results in just the first week! I was hooked.

I realized that I needed to coach people and share my experience, what worked for me, and motivate others. I love being motivated and ultimately it motivates me to do better. So I realized that being a coach was a way for me to get that. I create challenge groups where I workout along with my participants and together we crush our goals and get fit! There are a ton of others that are just like I was, mothers trying to figure out how to get that workout in, women with lower self esteem or confidence, people just needed that extra little push to hit their goals.

IMG_4336I love meeting new people, listening to their stories and helping them not just lose weight but get confidence, become happier and just become the best them possible! It’s so rewarding! I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained my confidence and I’m truly happy with the changes I made to my life for me! 

I want to be YOUR coach because I want to help you hit your goals! I want you to lose weigh, and feel great, and gain more confidence in yourself and your body! I will workout with you, support you, and give you 100% focus all the time, and when you’re weak…I’ll be there to motivate you and encourage you to your next goal. I’ve been where you are, and I know the struggle in front of you, lets do this together!!


About Sarah

Wife, Mom, Fitness & Nutrition Coach!
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One Response to Why I Became a Fitness Coach…

  1. Christina klein says:

    Such an inspiring story. You are amazing Sarah ! So happy for you 😊


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