Day 5: On the 21 Day Fix Program

IMG_3984Yay we made it to Friday, and Day 5! The first week is almost complete, and I’m super excited!!

Today I woke up late 7:30am (my daughter and I needed the extra sleep I guess) but it was really nice to wake up and feel rested. (Do that when you can with an 8 month old) 🙂 I lost another .3lbs so I’m down a total of 4.6lbs after 4 full days!

Continued my regular meals that I meal prepped last Sunday! Woohoo! I love not thinking about what I have to put together to eat. And after my daughter threw up everywhere, got a shower, and nursed and took a nap…I finally got my workout in!

Today was Cardio Fix, no weights needed, but a total ass kicker!! 🙂 Great moves, up and down, I wouldn’t say you need a mat today. It was go hard or go home! I pushed myself to the max and got in a great workout!

I finished it with my Shakeology & a conference call, then continued my day eating! 🙂

Overal I’m feeling great, same energy, no headaches, and happy with my results so far!

I also posted a video blog on Youtube to share more of my experience, check it out HERE.

If you’re curious about my food for this week, you can follow along my journey on Instagram. If you want to learn more about my meal plan & fitness program, feel free to reach out to me HERE.


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